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The Nuclear Arms Agreement With Iran

Although it is usually not my purpose here to get involved in current political issues, I read a commentary in the “Chicago Jewish News” by its editor Joseph Aaron, that I think people should see. The Jewish community is divided on whether the Iran agreement is the best achievable deal or the “historically bad deal” proclaimed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu.

Despite the divide, for which I’ve seen figures giving each side the majority, most of the articles and comments I’ve seen have been against the agreement. This is an exerpt from a commentary (July 31, 2015) that is for the agreement. I personally have mixed feelings about the agreement. Part of me is in favor and part of me hopes it will be rejected. I’ll give my reasoning after the article. In any case, I think it is important for Jews and others to hear an argument for the agreement to balance out the discussions.

“Jews who are so afraid of this deal seem to forget two things. One is that even if, in 15 years or so, Iran does get a nuke that does not mean they will use it. There are other crazy countries in the world that have a nuke, such as North Korea and Pakistan, and yet since the dawn of the nuclear age, the only country to have ever dropped a nuke is the United States. Indeed, history shows that countries become more responsible once they acquire a nuke.

“But even if Iran is crazier than North Korea, please remember that at this moment Israel has 200 nukes of its own, ready to go, including some on the six submarines it has, submarines, by the way, given to it by Germany, as in the country that actually put Jews through the door of the oven. If Iran even made a move toward launching a nuke, Israel could and would incinerate Iran immediately. It has the means to do so right now.

“Listen to the words of Dana Weiss, one of Israel’s top TV journalists. She refers to The Bibi as ‘The Terminator,’ whose only achievement is ‘Israel’s increasing isolation,’ and doing much to ‘sacrifice its foremost strategic asset – its relations with the United States.’

“She notes that ‘despite the sanctions and dire warnings of a looming holocaust, under Netanyahu’s watch Iran reached a point at which it is three months away from a nuclear bomb. There are always dangers. …. Meanwhile here in Israel, we have a leadership that plays up fears.'”

I tend to agree that even if Iran got nuclear weapons, it would not use them directly on Israel, despite what they proclaim. So I am not so afraid of that. What I am afraid of, the part of me that hopes the agreement is rejected, is that Iran will have billions of dollars more than it has now to fund Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist groups that are, or could be, fighting Israel with conventional weapons.

With the agreement you may or may not eventually have a nuclear Iran, but it will be much better able to fund Israel’s other enemies. If you don’t have the agreement, you almost certainly will have a nuclear Iran (unless those facilities are taken out and are continually retaken out in the future, causing who knows what kind of other repercussions in the world) but with much less money to fund Israel’s enemies. Pay your dime and take your chances. Which scenario do YOU prefer?

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