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The Truth About the Boycott Israel Movement

Norman Finkelstein, author and lecturer and one of Israel’s harshest critics, rocked the Boycott Israel Movement with a critique devastating in its candor. Finkelstein has been a supporter of the Boycott Israel Movement (officially it’s called the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The Movement is about to begin its eighth annual Israel Apartheid Week.

Finkelstein said he loathed the movement’s duplicity and disingenuousness in hiding the fact that a large part of its membership wants to eliminate Israel. “I support the BDS,” Finkelstein said, but “it will never reach a broad public until and unless they’re explicit in their goal. And their goal has to include the recognition of Israel, or it’s a nonstarter.” He added that unless they come clean with who they are and what their goals are, they are more like a cult.

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