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sleeping truth martin vesole

Sleeping Truth

Rabbi Hertzel is being held for a murder he did not commit. Could it be because of his support for a newly-discovered ancient scroll found in a cave in Israel that challenges the very underpinnings of Christianity? Are the rich and powerful out to get him? Will Mary be able to help him? Will God help save him?

This book tells about the discovery of the ancient scroll, known as the Book of Emet, and what follows. A panel of experts is convened to evaluate the truthfulness of the Book of Emet, while a growing mob is threatening them from the outside. In this charged environment, a forbidden love story develops, there is a mysterious murder, and the fix is in to blame the Rabbi for it. As the Rabbi tries to escape his fate, he tries to find an understanding of God that works in the 21st Century.



The Book of Emet

Book of Emet

This is the English translation of the Book of Emet, found in a cave outside of Nazareth in present-day Israel. It dates from 30 to 40 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth, and several decades before he earliest of the New Testament gospels were written. The author of this book is Jesus’ best friend from childhood, Emet son of Chaim. The Book of Emet tells of a Jesus who was a mere mortal, neither the Messiah or the Son of God. It also pins his death on the Romans and not the Jews. Scholars are currently debating its authenticity. In the meantime, it is for you, the reader, to form your own opinion of this book’s likely veracity. The full story of the discovery of the Book of Emet and subsequent events are depicted in my novel, Sleeping Truth.


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