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“The God Upgrade”

“One day our five-year-old daughter Sadie noticed [a manual typewriter on my husband Jeff’s desk] and asked what it was. Jeff explained it was for typing. Sadie walked over and easily typed ‘Sadie’, then her sister’s name, ‘Ori’, and then asked, ‘Now what?’ She was dumbfounded when he explained that was all it did. No touch screen, no mouse, not even a monitor. The point of the contraption eluded her and she returned to [a game] on Jeff’s iPad. Read more »

“Kosher Jesus”

A new book has come out, called Kosher Jesus by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. For those who have not heard of him, he is the rabbi who has a television show called Shalom in the Home, where he counsels Jewish families to resolve their domestic difficulties. He also calls himself America’s Rabbi.

This book, Kosher Jesus, has a view of Jesus that is very similar to my own – that Jesus was a good Jewish boy who was observant and who today we would call Orthodox. He had no intention of changing Judaism significantly and certainly did not intend to start a new religion. He also did not consider himself the Messiah or the Son of God. What he did believe was that the Messiah would be coming in his own lifetime, so he went around trying to get the Jewish people to prepare for the Messiah’s arrival, which Jesus believed would usher in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Read more »

Path of the Soul After Death

In his book Does the Soul Survive?, Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz studied various sources to determine if the soul survives death. He looked into stories of near death experiences, past life regressions, stories of reincarnation, conversations with the dead, and multiple religious and philosophical sources, especially including Jewish sources.

I quote him as follows concerning what happens to the soul immediately after death [Does the Soul Survive?, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2000, pages 143-144.] : Read more »

The Direction of Jewish Civilization

In an interview with the Jewish Journal [January 11, 2012, by Shmuel Rosner], Harvey E. Goldberg, an American born professor of sociology and anthropology at Hebrew University, said the following in response to a question about whether Jewish civilization is rising or declining:

“First, one should not equate change with decline. Many patterns of Jewish life are undergoing change, and it takes time to reach assessments whether these are contributing to Jewish civilization or detracting from it. Second, calling Judaism a civilization needs to be qualified. Judaism has deep historical roots and has spread throughout the world, but because of the small number of Jews compared to other major civilizations, Jewish culture and religion have always been closely intertwined with other ways of life. Read more »

Proof of Jewish Identity

In an article in the Jerusalem Post [January 12, 2012, “Removing Stumbling Blocks to Jewish Identity], author Reuven Hammer criticized the Israeli Chief Rabbinate for making it harder than it is supposed to be to prove you are Jewish:

“In 2010 the Israeli Chief Rabbinate decided to require documents proving the Jewishness of one’s mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and greatgreat- grandmother when applying for marriage. Needless to say this is a near impossibility for most people. Is this really Jewish law? Read more »

Jewish Future Will Thrive on Devotion, Not Demographics

There was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times with the above title (see Jewish future will thrive on devotion not demographics), basically saying our goal shouldn’t simply be to survive — it should be to thrive! It goes on to say:

“Though a lot of contemporary Jewish leaders are worried about our future, our own past suggests we’ll be just fine. It’s not about numbers, and it never has been. Devotion, not distribution, always has been our hallmark as a people. Read more »

Eliminate Dues

Many Jews don’t join synagogues because they can’t afford, don’t want to pay, or resent the high cost of being a member. The cost of tickets for High Holy Day tickets has the same effect. The result is that a very high percentage of Jews don’t ever go to synagogues and do not attend High Holy Day services. These Jews are basically lost from the Jewish social community. Before our eyes, we are seeing a repeat of the Ten Lost Tribes and we have been unsuccessful at saving them from eventual disappearance. Read more »