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Palestinians — Learn from Us

by Alan Bergstein

To the Palestinians:

I am a Jew who asks but a few minutes of your time to consider the following differences between Jews and Muslims. Learn from us.

Jews do not hate Muslims. They do not call for the death of Muslims nor do they pray to their G-d to destroy Islamic nations, their leaders or their people. Jews do not slip into Muslim homes to slit the throats of innocent men, women and children and then name streets, plazas and schools in honor of these terrorists. A Jew, Dr. Baruch Goldstein who slew 29 Muslims back in 1994, in an act of terror was defamed and dishonored by Israel, its leaders and Jews around the world. Terror is not our game. Learn from us.

Jews do not enter countries as immigrants and then try to transform their host nations into Jewish states. Jews blossom in every land where they are permitted to live in peace and in every such instance bring prosperity to their new found lands. Learn from us.

Jews have only one Jewish nation in this world, Israel, in which their Muslim, Christian and Jewish citizens all have complete religious freedom and there is no distinction among them as to rights and privileges. Jews have suffered in Muslim lands for hundreds of years and have been treated as second class citizens…when they are permitted to live. Israel offers more security, freedom and opportunities to enjoy life to its Muslim residences than does any Muslim nation on earth. Learn from us.

Jewish parents raise their kids to succeed and benefit the modern world in which they are happy to live. Education and security are the foremost in the minds of Jewish mothers and fathers for their kids. They sacrifice to enable their children to enjoy life and enrich the lives of others. They do not train them to hate others, to kill others and to commit terrorist-style suicide to appears their G-d. Jewish parents relish, love and adore their children. Learn from us.

Jews do not want to kill Palestinians in Gaza. Israel drops warning letters and makes phone calls to you before it attacks military installations placed in your schools, hospitals and mosques as humanitarian gestures. Jewish doctors treat Muslims, even terrorists in Israel’s hospitals. Jews are a humane people. Jews do not wantonly bomb your homes nor do we offer after life rewards to our people who are killed in battle. We love our young men and women who are taken from their families, schools and professions to defend their citizens from your religious terror. Learn from us.

Jews love peace and abhor war. Jews want to live in peace with all its neighbors. Jews want to reach out and assist its neighbors but only when your religion and its people decide to live in peace with us. Learn from us.

[Reprinted from Jewish Journal, Palm Beach South, August 6, 2014.]

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